Indian Americans Have Found a New Hot Destination for Their Shaadis – Mexico!

Lavish or much less, shaadis want clergymen. US-based pandits are solemnising more than one weddings an afternoon, criss-crossing the rustic, flying to Mexico and the Caribbean, to fulfil call for. However there aren’t sufficient of them.

To upward push to the instance, Bernando Soriano used to be approached. Head pujari on the ISKCON temple in Mexico Town, often referred to as Bhakt Vatsala Das, he skilled as a monk for 6 years, changing into a professional within the Gita and Hindu scriptures. He has been solemnising Hindu weddings for over 8 years.

”Other folks invite me to many puts – Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, even California,” says Bernando who enjoys acting blended weddings involving other Indian traditions. Desi households are intrigued at his skillability.

“Other folks do get shocked however perceive once I give an explanation for that I’m from the Hare Krishna motion and apply the Vedic device. Once they see my love and bhakti for Lord Krishna, for the more youthful other folks it is sort of a present at their marriage ceremony – any person who has Bhakti for his or her God, particularly a Mexican individual,” says Bernando, who’s known as Panditji or Bernandoji.